MS-EB5 intends to deploy one or more of the investment structures permissible under the EB-5 law in each of its projects. MS-EB5 will establish a limited partnership (LP) for each EB-5 participant project. The LP will be formed pursuant to the Uniform Limited Partnership Act of such particular State where organized which will allow participation by multiple EB-5 investors. 

In MS-EB5’s work with a Project it will form a limited partnership to pool capital contributions from individual EB-5 investors and then make a loan to the job-creating entity (JCE) and borrower business carrying out a project that creates jobs either directly, indirectly, or induced to foster economic growth and job-creation.  

In each of MS-EB5’s projects an affiliate of Mississippi EB-5 Capital, LLC will act as the General Partner, and the General Partner will be managed by the same principals of MS-EB5.